How to heat your office over Christmas and New Year

With many offices closing their doors for Christmas and the New Year, it is important to ensure they remain heated.

It might seem like something you’d rather avoid – after all, if no one is there, what is the point of heating the building?

However, central heating does not just create a comfortable and safe working or living environment, it protects the building too.

Why should you heat your office?

If buildings drop below 16°C for prolonged periods of time, it can cause some structural issues.

Problems such as damp and mould can develop if a building is not heated sufficiently. Not only that, but pipes can freeze and subsequently burst in cold temperatures.

So, while keeping the heating on over the Christmas break might not seem worth money – it will help prevent an even larger bill!

We recommend keeping your thermostat set to around 16/17°C, so your central heating kicks in should the temperature drop below.

Not only will this help protect the building, but it will also help ensure it is a safe temperature if any staff visit over the Christmas period.

Heat your home over Christmas 

If you are visiting relatives – or lucky enough to be sunning it up over Christmas – then the same advice applies.

To ensure your home doesn’t develop any structural damage, set your thermostat to around 16/17°C.

People spending Christmas at home will likely be keeping their properties heated and therefore protected. However, if you are worried about your bills over the winter period, read our blog on how to save money here.

The H2O Heating & Plumbing offices will be closed – and heated – from 22 December to 2January.

From the whole team, we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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