Cost-cutting tips for Big Energy Saving Week

To mark Big Energy Saving Week (January 17-23), we have put together some tips on how to cut costs this winter. 

January saw the energy price cap increase once again, meaning households and businesses across Britain are being charged more for their energy.  

Roger Oakley, our Production Director, said: “Rising energy bills are a concern for everyone, especially during this cold snap we’re experiencing now.  

“While there was a slight ease in costs last year, Ofgem’s price cap increase this month will be a worry for many. 

“Heating our homes is essential for both our health and protecting our properties.” 

Seven money-saving tips for Big Energy Saving Week

To help people reduce their bills over the coming months, Mr Oakley has shared seven ways people can save over the coming months.  

  1. Turn of electricals when not in use – at a time where we have more electricals than ever, it’s important to turn them off. Turning off larger appliances, instead of leaving them on standby, could save up to £150 a year.  
  1. Lower your thermostat – reducing it by one degree could save £120 each year. Setting it on a timer can help save even more.  
  1. Don’t heat empty rooms – properties should be 16°C to avoid issues like damp. But only heat other rooms more if they are in use. 
  1. Turn your boiler down – the water you use doesn’t need to be scalding hot so reduce it by 10 degrees. 
  1. Limit your water usage – turning of the hot tap when it’s not in use or swap a bath for a shower to save some pennies. 
  1. Draught-proof windows and doors – it’s cold outside, so it’s best to keep it outside! 
  1. Book a boiler service – servicing your boiler ensures its working effectively and efficiently, and can help avoid unexpected costs down the line.  

People who are struggling to pay their energy bills may be eligible for support from their supplier. Alternatively, speak to Citizens Advice to find out what help is available.  

To find out more about how we can help you, visit our services page.

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