Don’t pour turkey fat down drains this Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching, H2O Heating & Plumbing is urging people avoid unnecessary costs from drains blocked by turkey fat this Christmas.  

Karl Landymore, Special Works Manager at H2O Heating & Plumbing Ltd in Thurston, says the issue can be both costly and inconvenient for homeowners.  

While turkey fat is the common culprit for blocked drains, peelings and grease from other meats and roast potatoes are equally problematic.  

Mr Landymore said: “It can be tempting to pour left over juices down the drain, but it can cause issues down the line.  

“Instead, people should empty any grease and meat fats in disposable containers to be placed in the bin once they’ve cooled and solidified. 

“It’s always good to avoid unnecessary bills for preventable problems – which can also be most costly over the Christmas period when companies are on-call.” 

Businesses such as pubs are also being encouraged to ensure their drains a clean and free of blockages over the Christmas and New Year period.  

With hospitality establishments getting busier as people celebrate the holidays, and more punters using the toilet facilities, it’s worth ensuring the drains are up to the job.  

Karl added: “It’s always a busy time of year for all kinds of businesses. Places like pubs often see a significant increase in footfall, and therefore an increase in people using their facilities.  

“Simple housekeeping tasks – like rinsing, using drain cleaner and being careful what we dispose of – can help prevent any blockages, issues and any unnecessary costs or inconveniences.” 

H2O Heating & Plumbing Ltd works on domestic and commercial projects throughout East Anglia. 

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