5 easy ways to save water and reduce bills

Saving water isn’t just a great way to reduce your impact on the planet – it keeps your utility bills down too.

This Water Saving Week, we take a look at five easy ways every household can reduce their water usage, save a pretty penny and protect the planet.

Spend less time in the shower

Everyone enjoys a nice hot shower – but cutting down your daily ablutions by just a minute or two can bring some healthy savings.

Its recommended to shower for around four minutes maximum, or the length of one of your favourite songs. A great choice is The Final Countdown by Europe, which really gives you a sense of being against the clock!

Research by the Energy Saving Trust has found reducing your shower time to four minutes will save the typical household around £55 a year on their bills.

Turn your tap off when brushing

You should be brushing your teeth for two minutes at least twice a day – and if you leave your tap running the whole time, that’s a lot of water and money needlessly going down the drain.

Instead, just keep the tap on when you’re wetting your toothbrush or rinsing.

A running tap will waste around six litres of water per minute, which could equate to as much as 8,760 litres of water over an entire year.

Fill the kettle less

If you’re not lucky enough to own a “one cup” kettle or an instant hot water tap, then this tip is for you.

There’s no need to fill the kettle to its maximum capacity if you’re only making a couple of cups of tea or coffee.

Instead, fill it up with as much as you need for each round. Otherwise, you’re only going to end up needlessly boiling the same water again and again.

Fill your dishwasher and washing machine

Unlike your kettle, you only want to use appliances like your dishwasher and washing machine when they’re full.

If you need to wash up the odd glass or plate, a quick rinse in the sink will save you both water and energy.

Even reducing your weekly dishwasher and washing machine routine by one cycle can save the average household around £12 a year per appliance.

Keep your appliances maintained

When it comes to any household appliance – especially those involving water – it’s important to keep them running like clockwork to avoid any headaches.

If your water bill has suddenly spiked with no explanation, it could be a sign that one of your appliances isn’t working properly.

Getting your appliances serviced – or turning to your friendly local plumbers at H2O Heating and Plumbing for any leaks – will keep your bills down in the long run.

In need of plumbing support for your home? Call the team today on 01359 235055 to find out how we can help.

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