Should you keep your boiler on in the summer?

Turning your boiler on over the summer might sound counterintuitive on the face of it. But in reality it can be a great way to help keep your boiler running healthy.

That doesn’t mean turning your radiators on when its 30C outside – and nor does it mean to keep the boiler on overnight. So when should you turn your boiler on over summer?

Keeping your boiler on over summer

Switching your boiler off for a long period of time can put your boiler at risk. So it’s never a good idea to keep it switched off for the entire summer.

While it might seem a great idea to save on energy bills, it could in fact end up costing you more money in repairs in the long run.

Using your boiler over the summer also helps in identifying any smaller problems before the winter arrives. You’d much rather spot something not working properly when it’s nice and warm than during a blizzard.

There’s also the inevitable but accurate jokes about British summer that you need to consider. Nothing is certain when it comes to temperatures in June, July and August – as much as we’d like there to be. So it’s good to know you have a fully-operating boiler to turn to if you need it.

How often should you keep your boiler on over summer?

Ideally, it is good practice for your boiler to be switched on and operating every day. That doesn’t mean running it around the clock, though.

A great way to do this is to turn your thermostat to a low heat for a short period each day. This could be for around 15 minutes to half an hour late in the evenings or early in the mornings.

Doing so will help keep your boiler healthy and help you spot any problems that might occur before the days get shorter and the temperatures start to drop.

And on the topic of boiler health – summer is also a great time to get your boiler serviced for the very same reasons. Having an expert complete vital safety checks ensures your boiler will run as efficient as possible and without any unwelcome problems.

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