Ways to save on your energy bills this winter 

Finding ways to save money on your energy bills has never been more important than in this current cost of living crisis – especially with winter now on the way. Thankfully, the H2O team has some top tips to share with you this UK Savings Week that should have a positive effect on your wallet. 

From small changes to big steps we can all take, here are some effective ways to save money on your energy bills.  

Starting off simple 

You don’t have to make drastic lifestyle changes to reduce your monthly energy bills. Taking small steps to change your daily habits all add up for when the bill comes through your door. 

An easy change is to turn off your electrics when they aren’t in use. Many of your larger electronic devices can be left running on standby mode for hours – if not days – and continue to use electricity. Turning them off could save you close to £150 a year.  

Using your thermostat can be an effective way of getting instant results. Simply lowering it by one degree can save you more than £120 annually – which can increase further if you can set it on a timer. Remember you should never heat an empty room! 

Another great way to cut costs is to turn your boiler down by 10 degrees – the water you use doesn’t need to be scalding hot. Likewise, limit how much hot water you use in baths and showers. 

More long-term solutions 

While small steps will definitely have a positive impact on your monthly energy bills, there are greater steps that will have a more long-term benefit. 

Having your boiler serviced annually is a great place to start. Really, this is something everyone should be doing from a safety point of view – but identifying any leaks or poor performance will help reduce your bills. 

Combi boilers are definitely a more efficient way to heat your home than their predecessors – but there are better products on the market. 

Investing in air source heat pumps will ensure maximum efficiency – typically three to four times as much than a gas boiler. While these can be expensive to install at the first instance, they are a great way of securing long-term savings, particularly if energy costs continue to increase.  

It is also vital to ensure your home is properly insulated. Heat escape is an expensive problem that can cause energy bills to unnecessarily rocket. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean completely reinsulating your home – with easy wins like fitting an insulating jacket over your hot water cylinder saving you an average of £50 a year.  

Looking to make your home more energy efficient? 

If you’re looking for ways to make your home more energy efficient and cut your energy bills, the H2O team is here to help.  

With decades’ experience, our team of plumbers and heating engineers are equipped with the knowhow to future-proof your home. 

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.  

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