Meet the team: Karl Landymore

Working for H2O Heating & Plumbing for almost 15 years, Karl Landymore has his fair share of experience working both on-site and in the office.  

As Special Works Manager, Karl is integral to ensuring work carried out by H2O Heating & Plumbing runs smoothly.  

Karl joined the company in 2009 after receiving an offer from Production Director, Roger Oakley,  which he clearly could not refuse. Previously working for another company, Karl displayed plenty of skill and knowledge for the trade. 

Upon joining H2O, Karl was kept busy working on-site across various small and large projects. While he loved the role, the banter of site work and meeting clients, winter were always a challenge!  

As is the way for many tradespeople, Karl began to notice the physical toll on his knees and back – so the prospect of working in an office grew more attractive.  

After eight years of site work, he opted for four walls, a roof and central heating! However, this has since introduced new aches and pains.  

“I’ve put the days of an aching back and knees behind me, but sitting and looking at a screen all day means body parts ache which never have before!” he said. 

Despite the new aches, Karl has excelled in his role Special Works Manager. Often the first point of call for clients, he arranges jobs from plumbing issues to emergency repairs across various contracts.  

Karl also ensures materials and parts are where they are needed, when they are needed – so plays a big part in supporting our clients and the wider team of engineers.  

Karl is a great addition to the company and it is a pleasure to have him in the office – especially on Fridays when he brings his cockapoo, Jax!  

From the day he joined he has been a great part of the team, and we are proud he enjoys being part of H2O.  

“It operates like a family-run business and, no matter how much we grow, there is a real togetherness within the company,” he said. “We are all friends here and we always try to get together when we can. 

“The comradery of the team is great, we all look out for each other. It is great to know the team has your back.” 

Outside of the office, Karl is often busy trying to keep up with his daughters aged six 12 and 14. He also spends time seeing friends and taking Jax for walks.  

The company is full of skilled individuals who each play a key part in delivering the fantastic service we are known for.   

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