National Apprenticeship Week: Creating the next generation of skilled tradespeople 

With the skills shortage across trade industries well reported on, H2O Heating & Plumbing is confident apprenticeships are the answer.  

Here, Production Director Roger Oakley marks National Apprenticeship Week by highlighting their significant contribution to the industry.  

According to 2023 figures, more than 70,000 new plumbers are needed by 2032 to meet expected demand. That’s a big gap to fill – and it is apprenticeships which will be key to filling it. 

At H2O Heating & Plumbing, we are proud to have two apprentice plumbers on team, learning from our experts in the trade. Each apprentice brings significant benefits to the company and our clients – from fresh ideas to glowing customer reviews. 

Their eagerness and ability to learn is helping us create the next generation of skilled tradespeople. As they are fresh to the industry, we are able to teach them how to work to a high standard from the first day. That means our customers receive the great service they expect, while we help to reduce the skills shortage.  

Apprenticeships are a great way for young people to learn new skills while also being paid for their work. From our experience, our apprentices have a great attitude to working life and are constantly honing their skills.  

Not only do they learn new trades, but they are also given the opportunity to experience real work and be treated like an adult. And that is key in their growth, professionally and personally.  

The team at H2O Heating & Plumbing are a great bunch to work with and learn from, and our apprentices have all fit in instantly. Whether it is being involved in staff socials or the typical onsite banter of the trade, they are always keen to be involved.  

Thanks to our line of work, the apprenticeships we offer sees young people gain valuable experience in all types of projects. Whether it is small domestic jobs or big commercial projects, they are able to get a taste of everything.  

To find out more about our team, visit our team page. Alternatively, you can find out more about the services we provide on our commercial, domestic and renewables pages.

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